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Finding an accounting software doesn’t have to be stressful. Even though you’re smart enough to do the research on your own, we’ve done all that hard work for you – we know your time is valuable. Therefore, take a look only at the most worthy out there. Out of thousands we’ve professionally reviewed, here’s 2016’s best.

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              Top 5 Accounting Software Sites

              What Is Accounting Software?

              Accounting Software is an umbrella term that includes a wide variety of accounting services. An accounting software records and processes transactions related to accounting, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, trial balance, and payroll. Other terms for accounting software include personal finance managers, cloud accounting, and online accounting. Often times, these processes are automated, mobile, and packaged in a way that allows your business to grow and develop smoothly and efficiently.

              Saves You Time

              Your time is valuable, so spend it doing what you do best – not on accounting. Many softwares provide an array of features that save time – our most valuable asset. For example, automation of tasks is one feature that many accounting software suites offer. Once you set this up properly, as discussed in further detail in our article , this feature can save you time and hassle. Time tracking features also assist in this category, and are often provided by accounting softwares.

              Saves You Money

              Bottom line – one goal of any business is to survive and prove profitable, so any opportunity to decease expense adds to this goal. Reliable accounting software programs offer tools that save you money, as a result of their capabilities and features. For example, late payment reminders, a common feature of accounting software suites, ensures that you save money without even thinking about it. Payment processors, auto-pay so you’re never late, easy invoicing, monthly plans, and financial management tools are all features that allow your business to strive.

              Saves You Hassle

              A good accounting software provides you with tools and packages that take away the headache from the process. The larger your company, the more customization you’ll likely need. Additionally, small-to-medium sized businesses may only need the most basic product and package available. Many softwares offer hybrid accounts that fit users who need more flexibility.

              One of the most helpful tools accounting softwares provide is management systems. Time-management, expense management, and even enterprise-management systems within an accounting software all prove to be beneficial ways for you to take control of your business and customers. Often easy to implement and easily integrated, these options are a truly powerful way to unlock opportunity and have a hassle-free experience.